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The right interpreter.

The right place.

Right time.

Save time and money finding and providing  interpreters.
Intrprtr is a system for mediation and ordering that easily solves your interpreting assignments.

interfaces provide a clear overview of the whole process



search for the most qualififed interpreter - fully automated process if desirable


This is how it works


framework agreements for correct calculation of wages and invoices

This is how it works


with email, documents, messaging,

video, invoices, IMDI, etc.


where interpreters can see their commissions from multiple clients and set their availability for new job offers


of fixed-wage or temporarily hired interpreters

Can you save time finding an interpreter?

When an order is registered (preferrably by the client), Intrprtr automatically generates a ranked list of the most qualified interpreters. The system sends requests to these interpreters at user-specified intervals. When an interpreter accepts a request, s/he is automatically assigned to the job, and receives all necessary information in his/her app.

Video interpretation integrated

Click on a link and you're in the video room. When "Video" is chosen as the means of interpretation, the system will automatically invite the interpreter and all participants to the videoconference by email and SMS. Hosting av videoconference can't get easier than this!  Use PC / Mac, pad or phone.

Employed interpreters?

Intrprtr fully supports users in combined roles as providers and interpreters.

Hired interpreters?

Intrprtr helps you with requests to external interpreters on a daily / period basis, and generates optimised daily plans for them

Complex wage terms?

In Intrprtr you can set up very advanced framework agreements for automatically calculating the correct wages and invoices.

Problems in solving a commission? (Rare language etc.)

Intrprtr provides you with the opportunity to cooperate with other solutions – send the job to a partner or receive commissions which others are unable to solve.

Do you wish to plan manually?

Intrprtr has an advanced interactive timeline, where you can override the system-generated plan, move interpreters to and from commissions etc.

Integrations - Wages and invoicing

Wages and invoice data calculated by the system can, once controlled and approved, be transferred via integration or file upload to the company's wage/invoice system, eg. Visma, HL or Agresso. Intrprtr also has an independent invoice module which can be used if desirable.

Om oss

Scandinavia's most widely used solution for providing and ordering interpreters

11 years of experience in delivering cloud-based solutions to the interpretation sector

Thousands of daily users - from small agencies to large public providers

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